What About Your Friends?


Point #1 Recognize who they are by what they do, not what they say

The Scorpion and Frog story.

As Scorpion and a Frog a stuck on a bank next to a river. They both want to cross the river to get to the other side. The Scorpion says, "Frog, carry me on your back to the other side because I can't swim". The Frog says, "Oh no, if I put you on my back you will sting me". The Scorpion says, " If I sting you while crossing the water we will both die, why would I do that?"

So the Frog proceeds to carry the Scorpion across the water on his back. Half way aacross, the Scorpion stings the Frog. "Ouch, you said you wouldn't sting me!" says the Frog. The Scorpion replies, "Frog stinging people is what I do, you shouldn't have listened to what I said". The Frog dies and they both sink.

Point #2 To get to the next level, you will need a team

In Exodus 17:11 Moses, Aaron, and a man named Hur stood at the top of a hill during a battle between the Israelites and the Amaleks which was on the ground below them.

Moses raised his arms and the Israelites began to win down below, but everytime Moses lowered his arms they would start to lose. The battle went on for so long Mose's arms were tired. So Aaron and Hur stood next to Moses and held up his arms until the battle was won.

God will give you amazing Gifts and talents, but to get to your purpose you will need a team.

Point #3 Don't let their agenda keep you from the promise

Jesus chose 12 disciples to help him live out his purpose. It was a powerful team of people. Two of the 10 a different points sold Jesus out. Judas and Peter.

Even though they sold Jesus out, they didn't stop him from helping others, training the disciples, or living out his purpose. 

Why? Because Jesus didn't let their agenda become his agenda. He learned how to let go. Let go of toxic people. Let go of haters, Let go of people that are not on board. More importantly, he let their betrayal serve as an example to us about people and teams..


Who is on your team?

What about your friends?

Don't let their agenda keep you from the promise...Your dream or your goals.

Point #1

1) Recognize who they are by what they do not what they say

Point #2

2) To get to the next level, you will need a team

Point #3 

Don't let their agenda keep you from the promise

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What about your friends?

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