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These five things are the difference between winning and losing.

 The difference between living your dream or watching other people LIVE the dream LIFE you wish you could LIVE. It's painful to spend your entire life working, but never getting what you really want.  


95% of the people you know will never get everything they really want in life.

Not because they can't, but because they lack at least one of the five things I mentioned. I have helped many people change their life by helping them position these five things in their life. 


I see a lot of people paying for things to make them feel better. Feel confident.

The ultimate purchase is an investment in what you really want. Investing in your dream and watching it grow is the most amazing opportunity you can have in life. Most people will die never knowing  what it is like to get what they want out of life.



I want to help you get to the next level

I want to help you get to the next level in your life. One thing I recognize is your actions are a direct result of how you feel about yourself.  Over the next 30 Days I want to help you, and it all starts with confidence.

If you were 99% confident that you could do something to change your life, would you do it?  

I want to help you re position your thoughts so that you feel more confident.

Over the next 30 days I want to help you with what I believe is the most important starting point to accomplishing more in life.  CONFIDENCE

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For over ten years, Wil Murphy has been motivating crowds  and changing lives. His thought provoking style helps you quickly identify your GIFTs and begin re-positioning your life around a daily habit.  Wil is a former media executive that walked away from a six figure career to change lives and pursue his dream.  Wil has a blueprint to help you take your brand and your life to the next level.  Are you ready to change your life?

Where there is a Wil, there is a way!