92 year old woman proves that you can start your career at any age.

The Daniels Family

Introducing the Daniels family. The most amazing story you will ever see..

Tony Robbins

Beyond personal success. There are other things that must be in place. I think Tony Robbins hits on a few things you need to hear...Powerful message.

Lisa Nichols - Use Your Voice

Oprah - Career, Life...How she thinks

SHE IS SUCCESSFUL....WHY? How do successful people think? Watch Oprah

NO To do list - Secrets of High Productivity

RETHINK YOUR LIFE. Elements in this video have changed my life. This is definitely one of my most powerful inspirations. It made me stop and rethink my life. WHY? Time is more valuable than money...This video shows you how to maximize your time

1 Billion Dollar Habits

HABITS CHANGE LIVES. I truly believe your habits are one of the answers to everything you want in life. This is a great video to help you realize the types of things you should be doing to start your day. 

Steve Harvey - REAL TALK

Steve Harvey makes a candid statement about success.


LEADERSHIP. I sat in the audience that day and listened as this message changed my life forever. It was a candid message about leadership.

Steve Harvey's Turn back Moment

THAT MOMENT WHEN EVERYTHING CHANGES. It's an unusual story about determination. When you feel defeated, this video will remind you that there is a victory ahead of you...but you have to pay attention anand be ready..NO DEFEAT.. when you're living your purpose..everything is a lesson and a step toward success.

Mel Robbins

MAKING DECISIONS. Check out this great video

Mikaila Ulmer - Child Entrepreneur

Check out this great video

Nija Charles - 21 Year Hit Song Writer - ABC Nightline piece

UNLIKELY SUCCESSFUL. The chance of her doing what she accomplished is LOW. She did it anyway. I love people like this. Check out this great video