Chapter 1 : Claim It!


Claim It!

Are you ready to claim your dream? This chapter will make you leap out of your chair ready to turn your dream into a reality. Why choose failure when success is free?

Chapter 2: You Don't Have Time to Waste!


Stop wasting time...Do you know that the average person lives less than 27,000 days? What will you do with your time? Most people waste their time. How can you be different? This chapter takes a deep dive into the power of TIME

One of my favorite chapters


Everyone has a pivotal moment in life. This chapter talks about how a fight turned into a life lesson in business strategy. To unleash your dream, you may have to fight. Are you ready for the fight?

Interesting approach to explaining money habits


Money Personalities

This is an image from the book that talks about common ways we spend money. Find your personality in this interesting chapter