Why do men hate women? That was the question I was asked – Wil Murphy –

Sought after Dallas-based public speaker and entrepreneur dedicates time to participate in events created to Empower Women.

The Power of Queens

What was his motivation?

A few years ago, a young executive named Wil Murphy walked away from a six figure income and a dream position at a Fortune 1000 media company to pursue his personal dreams. After writing a book, speaking around the U.S. and in West Africa, Wil decided to launch the coaching division of his company.

“I met thousands of people during my travels who had BIG dreams and no plan. I decided to get involved in the empowerment of people, so I could help others reach their full potential.”

During 2013, Wil has spoken at major universities, teen summits, forums for troubled young men, numerous churches, and multiple business conferences.

“In a recent coaching session, I had a female ask me, Why do you think businessmen hate women?

As I listened more, I realized that what she was really asking was if all women that climb the corporate ladder face the same challenges.

80% of my coaching sessions are with young women who want to propel their career and need a plan of action. I decided it was time to embed myself in the community and help empower more women.”

October 14th – 18th, Wil shifts his focus and speaks to women. During this week, Wil is participating in events specifically designed to help and empower women. The events are low cost and easy to access, so a person at any level could easily find them and participate.

They’re interactive, some will be held live, and others will involve online participation.

“I’m very excited to be involved during this week of unique events aimed at helping you see a different perspective, a perspective dedicated to our women.”

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