Why Do You Feel Stuck?

In Your Career,
In Your Relationships,
and In Your Life?

You were born to survive!
Your body has natural healing elements that adapt to environments.

Your brain was specifically made to help you think and process situations you face. You have memory, creativity, and an instinct on how to execute your thoughts.
This was all given to you naturally.

However, the exact strengths that were put in place to help you succeed can also cause you to fail. Here is how

1) When ideas come to you, you don’t execute them.
You sit for hours feeling bad about things you have the ability to change, but your mind is closed. Instead of being a play land of opportunities, you have turned your mind into a prison. You are a prisoner of your thoughts. You can’t see yourself beyond your struggle. You can’t sit down and write what you want to do with your life.

2) You Place Other People’s Problems in front of your own
You place other people’s problems in front of your own so you don’t have to think about what you need to change.

There are some people who are incredibly successful, but want more. They have the resources to do so much, but they’re stuck.

It’s not money, it’s not time, it’s not opportunity…it’s you.

Everything you think you need to be successful will avail itself to you. First, you have to make a move.

2017 is a great year to shift…Shift yourself from where you have been stuck for years to where you want to go.

I believe in 90 days you can change the way you do things IF you want it bad enough.

In 30 days, you identify what you want
In 60 days, you begin to shift your behavior
In 90 days, you begin to form new habits and replace old habits

30 days you identify what you want. During this time, you must be realistic and honest.

An Example

I want a million dollars by the end of 2017. Is this realistic? If you have the systems and resources in place, it is realistic. Most people don’t realize that this is possible. But it’s not the outcome that’s important. It’s focusing on putting things in place to help you get what you want.

Write this down

The first step to anything is clarity
If you can’t clarify, you can’t justify
If you can’t clarify what you want, you can’t justify why you need to do more…

To get more, you must do more. More…but more must be strategic or you will get stuck in the details …. most people get stuck in the details and never accomplish what they want.

This is funny. At work, you are a RockStar at accomplishing tasks…but when you get home you can’t keep the magic alive…guess what? You are not alone.

Why doesn’t the fire in you transfer?

Because work is an environment, set up for specific things to happen. When those things happen, the company is successful. The measure of success is called profit. So, there are things in place to create success and things in place to measure success.

You don’t have this at home…
You can go for months doing nothing but going to work and coming home and nothing will happen…

Well sort of.

You see, everything dies and falls apart over time. Houses must be painted, foundations fail, cars break, the yard looks bad. You must have a personal system in place to keep up with the force of nature that says,

“Nothing lasts forever without changing”

So, therefore you must clarify what you want. To clarify means to list and prioritize what is important to you. Yes, what is important you. Why?

Write this down

“Because you can’t truly help other people until you get yourself together”

You can assist them here and there, but eventually that will end unless you make a conscious decision to help yourself.

This is your BIG why…. Your BIG why is digging down deep enough to understand why you need to change.

Look, telling everyone you want to change sounds good. We like the praise people give us for saying we have a goal…but talk is cheap. Until the words that come out of your mouth align with your daily actions and habits. Nothing will happen.

There is an old song that said nothing from nothing leaves nothing…therefore talk is cheap.

The last time you wrote down your goals, why did you write them down?

Were you tired of your life?

What is your true reason for wanting to change?

Take 30 seconds and type something. It doesn’t have to be deep. Type the first thing that comes to mind

The real reason you must right down goals is you need a measure of success. You need something you can look at and say…I made progress.

Remember what I said earlier.

“You’re successful in your corporate life because there is a system in place to measure whether you did what you said you wanted to do…”

Your goals become a gauge of your ability to get what you want.

Now I want you to type one goal that no matter what happens this year, you really want to accomplish… one goal

Now here is where it gets crazy

I have seen hundreds of people create vision boards
I have seen hundreds of people write down goals
I have seen hundreds of people start out on a journey that they never finish

Do you want to know why they never finish?

Come back next Tuesday…I’m going to blow your mind

Are you ready for more?

Here is your assignment for next week.

1.Write down why you need to change?

2. Write down what you need to change

3. Write down 10 things you need to do to change

4. Write why you are afraid to change? And why you haven’t already changed

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