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An hour glass is an interesting symbol of life. No matter how many times you flip it over, you only get a set amount of time. We tend to live our lives like we can flip the hour glass over and still have more time. An hour glass is really a short term measure of a bigger window of time called life. It represents something critical. It symbolizes that you don’t have until eternity to finish  what you start. It also says to take these windows of time and get something done. Last, it is like a season. There are four different seasons and they only last for a set period of time. Each one is different just like each stage in your life. Each season requires you to do certain things to survive in that season. Living in the summer is different from the winter. If you wear your winter clothes in the summer time, people will look at you funny. More importantly, you will be uncomfortable. With an hour glass everything is based on what you do in the time period the sand falls. When you are out of time, it’s over. What are you doing with your sand? Where will you spend your time? Will you be in alignment with your season? Or will you continue to flip the hour glass hoping for a little more time?