Uncomfortable When It’s Time to Make a Move

It’s time to move! You have prepared! You cried! You prayed! It’s time to get out of your own way!  In the last year of my life I let myself observe success.  I saw it financially, I saw it spiritually, and I saw it emotionally..  This is the time.  My purpose is staring me in the face.  However, I’m uncomfortable.  I didn’t say i wasn’t ready, I didn’t say I wasn’t prepared.  I said I’m uncomfortable!

Are you ready to do something new in your life?  Are you ready to pursue something that has been on your mind for quite some time?  Is anything really stopping you from acting on your GIFT?  Are you waiting for comfirmation?  Are you afraid?  Your purpose in life was defined long before you arrived.  Every experience you have had was a lesson to prepare you for TODAY!  Even better, what you have experienced is an amazing story that someone else NEEDS to hear.  NOW,  please explain to yourself: why you’re hiding; why you’re embarrassed; why you won’t open your mouth; why you won’t write the book; why you won’t mentor that person; why you won’t film that documentary; WHY!  Your purpose in life is staring you in the face! Your purpose in life was defined long before you arrived! 

 So what do you do?

1) Forgive yourself for not following the right path

2) Forgive yourself for hurting other people

3) Forgive yourself for being so selfish you didn’t stop to realize other people need you

4) Forgive yourself for not taking the time to receive the thoughts, words, and actions you need for inspiration


5) Give yourself a chance to move to a new place by focusing on what you FEEL you should be doing  (it must come from within)

6) Give yourself a chance to stop talking about your talents and start using them.  Write down what you are good at doing

7) Give yourself a chance: Commit to doing something in the next 30 days, and define your actions so clearly they look like a 30-day road map

8 Start with a page that has no excuses, and find a way to get it done. “Remember, 8 is spiritually the number of new beginnings”. 

Turn the UNCOMFORTABLE feeling into action