This is the one blog post you need to read OVER and OVER!  You need to pass it on to every family member that you love and teach them something they will never learn in school or anywhere else.  Successful people operate from a SYSTEM!


What is a System? 

A system is an approach to life that will make you look at every thing around you with new eyes! 

Ever Wonder Why Some People Never Seem to Be Impacted by the Economy?

Do you ever wonder why some people continue to build wealth even when the economy is down?  The obvious reason is wealthy people help each other because they want to keep people they like in their circle of friends (Also they keep people around them that support their systems).  The less obvious thing is that they have a system.  When you own a system, you own assets that constantly build.  So how does an average person build a system?

1) Don’t use your job as a single source of income: You must use your job as a way to invest in other appreciating assets.  Your job should provide income and be an internship in business.  Learn the basic functions of a business (Sales, Marketing, Accounting, Finance) at your company, then use that information to build your own organization.   For years I took on part time jobs and created my own businesses.  WHY?  I used the funds to buy and invest in assets.  My goal is to invest in as many assets as possible to provide me with income without me showing up at an office everyday.  To do this, you must constantly look for new ideas and set aside funds to help you get it done. 

2) Invest in things that will bring you more income over time. (Real Estate, Car Washes, Washeterias, Franchises,…).  Buying a home is not an investment in real estate.  Let me preface that… It is an investment, but if you buy too much home, then you spend all your time and money paying for your home.  You want to spend your time and money looking at and investing in new opportunities.  NEVER buy too much HOUSE.

3) Try to invest enough of your own money in assets so that you don’t have to borrow much money.  Why?  If this asset has a season of bad performance, you’re not stuck trying to pay off a loan that creates a financial hardship for you. As you build more assets, you can borrow larger sums of money.  I recommend you try to pay off most assets, so that the income you earn from them goes directly to you (not to a loan or interest payment)

4) Stop buying things to impress the people around you.  I know you don’t believe this, but the people who really like you aren’t impressed with your STUFF.  They like you because they can talk to you.  They want to spend time with you because you make them feel good.  They like to discuss things with you they can’t discuss with other people.  So if you come to my house to chat, I might notice that you’re driving a Bentley… but it doesn’t make the conversation any better!  Also, the less you spend on impressing other people, the more you can spend HELPING other people.

5) It’s Not How Much You Make on Your Job, It’s How You Use What You Make! I know people who make six and seven figure salaries.  I have watched many of them spend money like they have a money machine in their backyard.  In the end, if you spend more than you make you will not have much.  It doesn’t matter whether you make a million dollars a year or fifty thousand.  Spending money is an addiction just like alcoholism.  YES, you can be addicted to handing over your cash for things you don’t need.  I have the cure for this problem. Think of yourself as a vessel for your great grand kids.  If you set up assets to make money for you today, then you can pass those assets to your grandchildren.  Here are some examples of families that built assets and passed them to their grandchildren. I’ll just say names. Hilton, Firestone, Ford, Rockefeller, Kennedy.

6) Stop borrowing cars and clothes.  If you pay interest on credit cards or loans to purchase a car or clothes, then you are borrowing them and not buying them.  I told you this was advice you need.  It’s also sobering.  You have to change the way you think about money.  Buy a cheaper car, buy your clothes for cash, and make sure you understand the difference between NEED and WANT!  The borrower is the slave of the lender. WHY 1) The lender sets the terms 2) You will spend your money and time trying to payback loans instead of building new assets.

7) The best assets to invest in are things that solve problems.  I-phones, Foreman Grills, Lotion, Hairspray…These are all products that solve a problem.  In fact, most things you buy solve a problem.  So sit down and think about things that bother you… things you wish you could find a solution for, then find a solution and sell it to other people.  Someone will buy your product/idea.

You don’t have to be twenty-three and fresh out of college to follow the ideas in this blog post.  YOU just need to start doing something different! Change the way you do things day to day.  A new set of habits will bring a new set of results!

8 – What will you do now that you have this valuable information?

I wrote this from experience to help you change your life.  If you want to learn more, then you can do two things:

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Remember, 7 is biblically the number of completion, 8 is the number of new begininnings.

Wil Murphy