Stop Pretending You Want to Change! It’s Not Impressive! YOU’RE STUCK FOR A REASON!

Have you noticed that you consistently tell people the same story?  You know, the one about how you’re going to be successful because you have it all together.  Oh wait! Let me give you more details.  Last year you told us how you had this great idea you were going to implement, but you were waiting on one thing to get it finished.  I guess you forgot that you told us the same story the year before… And wait, you have been telling everyone the same story for about 10 years now.  Here are a few things to consider:


1)      YOU MAKE EXCUSES: Now you would say that you need more time or money to get the project done, but is that really the truth?  What other reasons do you have for not being successful?  This is going to hurt, but you’re making up EXCUSES!  It’s ok, everyone does it.  Actually, it’s not OK!  You want to be different, you want to be SUCCESSFUL!  You can’t afford to make excuses.  One of the primary reasons for making up excuses is to protect yourself from failure. What? What does that mean?  Well if you make up enough excuses why you can’t get something done, then when you fail to execute the task, you can have a reason that is socially acceptable. One of my mentors says it best, “You can make excuses, or you can make money…But you can’t do BOTH.


2)      YOU’RE WASTING ENERGY ON THE WRONG THINGS: Wasting energy on the wrong things means you have a hard time prioritizing what you need to focus on and when you need to focus.  You should probably read the last sentence about 3 times.  Enough times to really absorb what the sentence is telling you.  It breaks down three key things that are important to being successful


3)      Success has a lot to do with ENERGY!  You have to FOCUS your energy.  Focus your energy means to save your emotion, anger, excitement, and other feelings for a cause that supports what you want to accomplish.  Be careful who you spend your time with, because some people are energy drainers.  Don’t allow them to take up your time.  You have to FOCUS your energy on people and things that will help YOU!


4)      You Need to Prioritize Your Activities! Every day you’re faced with a laundry list of things you must accomplish.  Housework, homework, meetings, blah, blah, blah.  This is never going to change.  You will always have these challenges.  In order for you to be SUCCESSFUL, you must learn to make lists.  Making lists is extremely important because it makes you visually see all the things you need to accomplish.  Then you have to take the list and prioritize your activities.  Business can’t always be number one, and Family can’t always be number one.  You have to decide what activities will help you get closer to achieving your goal and make sure you prioritize at least one activity a week related to your goal.  You will feel an amazing sense of accomplishment every time you complete a task.  This is a dose of good medicine when you’re trying to feel good about your goals.  Also, this is a very important habit because it will help you CHANGE!  In order to do something new, you have to DO something NEW!


5)      FOCUS! Once you have established your priorities, then you will be able to focus.  One of the biggest problems most people face is their lack of focus.  WHY?  Focus requires commitment.  We hate commitments.  WHY? Commitments are like making your bed every morning.  It’s not something you really want to do, but if you do it will make you a better person.  How does making your bed make you a better person?  It’s a good habit, and it makes you look at other good habits you need in your life.  Here is a quick 1-2-3 thought.  Priorities lead to good habits.  Good habits lead to more focus.  More focus leads to SUCCESS!


6)      Stop trying to impress people who don’t like you and talk about you behind our back! I know you feel that having a shiny new car and an expensive house is impressive.  It looks good! It’s only impressive when you can truly afford them.  That’s impressive!  How do you know when you can truly afford something?  You spend less energy THINKING about how you’re going to pay for it.  Here is an example:  Two years ago I knew I wanted to kick start my life in a new direction.  I bought a cash car (Not a piece of junk, but something simple).   I did this so that I wouldn’t have to THINK about car notes.  I took the money I was using for car notes, and started investing in things that either APPRECIATE in value or were cash producing items (Like a business).  Now instead of spending my time THINKING about how I’m going to pay for my car.  I spend my time THINKING about how I can increase sales and collect rent.  I suggest that you stop THINKING about ways to look impressive, and start THINKING about ways to change your life.

Many of us like to brag about what we’re going to do next, so that people will be impressed with the image we’re painting in their minds.  The problem is you can’t paint an image in someone else’s mind.  The image of you in the next person’s mind is based on what they see.  So if you really want to impress someone, JUST DO IT instead of TALKING about it.

7)      Stop Procrastinating!  If you really want something bad, then you aren’t going to wait until everything is perfect to pursue it.  So why are you waiting to do something for yourself that you know will make a difference in your life?  Here is an easy way to test your PROCRASTINATION BUG.  Write down a list of 25 things you want to do this week.  At the end of the week, look at your list and see how many of those things you accomplished.  Now, look at which one you chose to do first and last.  Take a moment to analyze why you chose those things in that order.  You may realize something interesting about yourself.  We tend to spend more of our time on things that are easy, and less time on things that are important.  If something is important, then why would you wait to get it done?  Try to do the IMPORTANT things first and the easy things last.

It’s OK to fail! I’m going to make this short.  The idea you believe is amazing may not be AMAZING!  If you SEE signs that your idea is not a good one, don’t quit everything.  Take a look at what is not working and see if there is a way to use your BEST practices on your next venture. 

What will you do next?  DO YOU NEED HELP?  If you need help, don’t procrastinate!  Email me.  I offer success coaching for individuals who want to change their life, but need a push.  You can CHANGE!  Do it NOW!

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