1 ) Acknowledge the mistake. 

2) Talk to those the mistake effects and make it clear what you did wrong.  Next explain your thought process, and then show them how your decision deviated from what actually happened.

3) Diligently work on the problem.  Spend some time on it every day. 

4) Learn to turn off your thoughts.  You can’t constantly think about a problem.  Thinking about it more doesn’t help, unless you’re testing solutions in your mind. Even then you have to let it go to give your mind time to rest.

5) Find an expert or just someone to listen to your ideas

The hard part comes next

6) Except the consequences.  Some situations work out in your favor and others won’t.  Don’t let the response crush you.  Never let the first response be the very end.  Always exhaust all opportunities.  In many cases, people will give you the first answer just to get rid of you.  It’s your persistence that let’s them know… You’re going down fighting.

To those family members supporting someone who is in this situation

Don’t beat them up because they made a mistake.  Mistakes are just as much a part of life as comebacks.