PART 2 – A Six Figure Income

Here is a list of key things to remember that most people fail to do:

Cash is King –

Hide your cash from foolish people (especially if they are relatives or friends).

Don’t lend money to irresponsible people.

Let them fail. They will learn more when they fail, than they will learn from a temporary fix.

Reciprocity –

Invest in people with high potential.


Meet lots of people, but align yourself with people you can include in your circle.

When the time is right,

buy real estate at the right address.

Stop believing your corporate life will be fair.

Promotions go to the most productive. If you’re not getting what you want, make a decision that will put you on the right path.

Be productive.

Not just administrative. You have to participate in things that make money OVER and OVER.

Look at the numbers not just the idea.

Everyday I meet people who say, “In one year I will be a millionaire.” It’s possible, but show me the numbers.

Avoid leases and high interest debt.

Pay off everything as quickly as possible. This helps you avoid paying interest or never paying off anything.

Marry someone that is supportive and smart.

You must feel like they have your back. Stay away from people you have to babysit.

Be fruitful, multiply, subdue and fill the Earth, and have dominion.

Define each word, then put it all together…This is how you get to a six figure income.