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is it right for you?

Do you find yourself realizing that another year has passed and you’re no closer to achieving your goals than you were the last time you looked at your life?

Is it time for YOU to change?

– Are you tired of watching other people live out your dream?

– Do you look around and see other people driving the car or owning the house you wish you could have?

– Maybe they simply have more freedom to work on things you wish you could access more often.

It’s hard to accomplish a goal if you don’t have a plan or guidance to help you focus on what is important.

So how does coaching work?

We focus on two levels of coaching.

Level One: Setting and Achieving Goals

Most people have a hard time with goal achievement.  Level One coaching is designed to help you take a look at your dreams and develop a set of goals that will place you on a path to live those dreams every day.  We believe anyone can transform, if they have the right support system.  Therefore, Level One focuses on helping you put things in perspective and immediately start working on your future.  Level One is designed to help you adjust the way you think about your goals, so that you wake up everyday attacking them with conviction.


Level Two: Leadership

Many individuals find themselves at a career/life crossroad.

– You earned your education

– You’re a great worker

– You have done everything you thought would get you into management

– You believe you should be making more money than you currently earn on your job

– You socialize with people you don’t want to be around or truly like as a person

Now, reality is staring you in the face and you’re not happy.  Level Two Coaching is strategically designed to help you determine how to access your GIFTs and put them to work in your career and life.  You will learn the career rules of top management and how to align yourself with the right social circles to support your success.

Here are some highlights of what you will learn:

– Key ways corporate management thinks

– How to access the right social circles

– How to make better decisions about the way you spend your money and time

– How to make your job ONE element in a financial plan with multiple income streams

– How to access your GIFTs and end your robotic daily behavior

– How to fire your boss and move on to the next important period of your life

At the completion of each level of coaching, you will walk away with a written plan of execution. These are measurable turnkey processes to help you access your dreams quickly.

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