Mission 911: I Need To Change in 2013

A workshop for people who want to ignite their DREAMS


    What is your DREAM?

    What do you secretly want to do with your life?

    Stop Pretending You Have It All Together,

    Redefine Yourself!

    Here are some of the workshop topics:

    Goal Setting and Problem Solving

    Learn How to Set New Goals and Execute
    Learn How to Align Yourself with Positive People
    Learn How to Find a Deeper Spiritual Solution to your Day to Day Problems
    Learn How to Define What You Want in a Relationship

    Financial Freedom

    You want to be Rich, but you’re not sure you’re doing all the right things?
    What is your Financial IQ? We will help you increase it.

    Moving Up at Work or On Your Own

    Career Strategies: How to Elevate Yourself in Corporate America
    Are You Thinking About Entrepreneurship? Learn the Steps You Need to Take to Get Started.
    Do You Dream of Being a Motivational/Public Speaker?
    Publisher/Author: We Will Show You How to Get Into the Business

    Ways to Market Your Ideas

    Learn How To Use Social Media to Build Your Audience
    Learn Some Powerful Secrets of Success and How to Apply Them to Your Life

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with special guest:
Merrill Littleberry, LCSW, LCDC, CCM, CI-CPT
An expert in transformation thinking.

You will leave this workshop with a plan that will help you achieve your goals in 2013.

Thanks to a generous donation by a private individual, this event

is now only $50.

The decision is yours…