Let’s Talk 2

Here are a few things people commonly realize about their life:

– Have you recently realized that you make good money, but you don’t OWN anything.

– Your savings account has a balance that is less than $10,000.

– 50% of your closet is really a museum for purchased clothes that never get worn.

– You tell your friends you want to change jobs, but you haven’t gone on any interviews.

– You want to be rich, you want to own a business, but you’re afraid to take risk.

– You don’t read or do research on your ideas.

– You’re scheduled to pay off your $2,000 a month mortgage at age 75…

– You have the latest technology, tablet, smartphone, 52 inch tv, surround sound, 3D glasses…and because of this you have a credit card bill that is higher than a car note.

– You wish you could do more financially for your children/family, but you can’t.

If any of these items made you stop and say,

“Man, that’s me”.

Ask yourself a question…


Serious people set goals.

However, a lot of people have trouble finishing what they start

the 10
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