I Created This DVD for People Who Don’t Read.  If you’re  too BUSY, SPREAD THIN – You Can Still Learn to Build Wealth.  This DVD will help you understand how easy it is to change and establish a set of habits that will benefit YOU and your family FOREVER!  How did I learn all of these things?  3 gentlemen who cared about me, sat me down for two days and help me adjust what I was doing.  I was on the right track, I just needed some help.  They opened my eyes to a new lifestyle, and everyday I thank God for this opportunity.  Now I’m going back to the WELL to help others.  Stop following conventional wisdom and living in a box. Think about this.  Last year in the worst recession in history, 97 new billionaires appeared on the FORBES list (One even past Bill Gates to take the new #1 seat).  There is a way to change your position financially, emotionally, and spiritually.  It all starts with you. If you read my book (or not), you will enjoy this DVD.  It’s a mix of me speaking live, and me making key points.  Take a look at the previews by going to Wil Murphy.com and clicking on “The 7 Figure Mindset icon.  You can order it on my website. 

Wil Murphy

Forbes 2009 billionaire list had 793 people on it.  The 2010 list has1,011.