Funny how God works.  Got a phone call to confirm my employment at a janitorial company.  I thought that was odd considering I didn’t apply at one… Chatted with the arrogant owner for a moment and said “Maam there is a mistake, could you correct it”.  She basically told me she didn’t make mistakes.  Two weeks later I get another call for verification of employment at a Subway.  SO, I’m going to have a Subway sandwich in another city.  Escorted by a few friends in blue.  In the old days, this would have been a baseball bat moment.  However, I have too many priorities to live that way now.  I decided to first pray about the situaton.  The scary thing is God delivered the person’s name and personal information to me as well.  Join me in praying for this person because their about to have ME, IRS, Social Security, The police, and a whole lot of people escorting them to a new job ….JAIL!