This will be short!  My older brother introduced me before a crowd in Houston.  With a heavy heartfilled delivery, you could hear the tearful joy in his voice.  My mother was on the front row sitting directly in front of him.  You could see her holding tissue up to her eyes.  Crying tears of joy.  My brother stood before an audience of strangers and said, “He finished his book, and I’m so proud of my little brother”.  He paused to keep from letting the excitement overcome him.  I want you to please raise your hands in a warm round of applause for my brother, the publisher and author of The Wealth Code William H Murphy! 

         Some say the excitement comes when you look out at the crowd and realize “I did it”.  For me, it was hearing my brother say “I’m so proud”.  As i listened to him introduce me I thought about the rough times our family had years ago. I then began to think how blessed we all are to get a “Second chance”.  For me, I still believe I’m living out chance number one and I’m going to ride this out until it’s over. 

            If you really want to experience joy, give yourself a chance to win in 2010.  Set a goal for yourself and do EVERYTHING you can to complete it this year.  If you listen to my advice, you will be so happy at year end.  Trust me, I’m living proof!  Well, I have to get ready for the teleconference to prepare the crowd for my speech tomorrow.

            This is your 7 and 8 for today!  7  is biblically the number of completion, and 8 is the number of new beginnings.  What will you do to give yourself a NEW Beginning?