Yes, I (Wil Murphy) had to rock a 1978, two-tone brown
, Ford Thunderbird.
However, that car changed my life. When I was in high school, my father promised me that he would buy me a car before my senior year. I had my eye on a used BMW. My mother got involved and said NO way, No expensive car. You’re too young. She in turn found me a FREE 1978 two-tone brown Ford Thunderbird. It had no air, and no radio. I was MAD. It wasn’t COOL or Sexy. It was truly TRANSPORTATION. However, I decided to make the best of what had been given to me.

Making the Best of It

I didn’t have a radio, so I thought a lot. I also used it as a place to practice singing and speaking. No air in the Houston humid, Texas heat will make anyone sing. I took a lot of little drives and mini road trips. My family was going through a terrible season and being at home was a nightmare.

The Vision Began

I often imagined standing in front of an audience delivering my success story. I would drive to the airport and park by the runway. There I could talk as loud as I wanted to and about anything. I would practice my delivery and think about how my speech would end.


Today I’m thankful for that 1978 T-bird, it was my first stage. It was the practice room for a piece of my vision. It was my first lesson in humble behavior. Today you may look around and not see your dream environment. Don’t let that stop you from doing what you do best. Walk like you have already achieved your dream. There are things in your life that are a launching pad for your Greatness. Use them to soar into Greatness.