I woke up this morning to the still sound of my house.  I’m not racing to edit or write.  I’m not rushing out the door to meet anyone. I can hear the heater turning on and the rustling of the leaves in the yard.  The phone rings and it’s the printing company.  “Mr. Murphy, just want to let you know your books are on the press right now”.  I reply, “Thank You for the update, Goodbye”.  Normally I would say, “Let me know if you have any problems”.  Today I’m not going to expect any problems.  I’m just going to let them do their job. 

It just hit me that I accomplished a goal this year.  Not just any goal, a goal that was so BIG I had to expend an enormous amount of resources to complete the task.  Some days I wondered if I could live up to what I was planning.  It seems as if it’s getting harder to accomplish short term goals… There is so much noise in my life.  I found a way to block out the background noise and just let my inner voice speak to me.  My inner voice is the response to my prayers.  Now 20,584 words later, the book is done!  I feel like I just took a shot of adrenaline, and I can conquer the world!

Here are a few hints to help you accomplish a goal!

1) Write it down – If you write it down, you truly make your first commitment. I also post my ideas for me and everyone who visits my house to see… I call it my public acknowledgement of success in the works.

2) Take a step – Every day, in some way, work on your goal.  Again, EVERYDAY in SOME WAY… work on YOU

3) Rebuke your FEAR – When we decide to change something, there is always a spirit of fear that hits us.  It’s those little thoughts that make you think about failure.  You know:”This is going to take too much time”; “You already have a lot on your plate”; “If I change then I won’t be able to do the things I used to do”; “I need to go to school to get this done”; “I’m not smart enough to do this”; “I don’t have enough money to do this”; “I’m too old to start something new”… STOP! STOP!  Don’t talk yourself out of something that could change your life.  Take a deep breath, walk away for a moment.  Then start over.

4) Rehearse the Ending – Rehearse how you will tell the story of what you accomplished.  I know it sounds crazy, but you have to see yourself walking in the life you expect.  I dream of speaking to a crowd of over 20,000 people.  I see myself running across the stage telling them “This is the moment”.  I even see me wearing a light gray pin stripe suite with a bright orange tie…Interesting because I don’t own either of them today.   Take a moment everyday and see yourself mentally living your vision.  Drive it, own it, fly to it, talk about it –  Whatever “IT” is, see yourself in “IT”

5) Set the date – One of the key things I had to do while writing my book was to set the DATE.  When you set the date, you publicly acknowledge the date you will do something important related to your vision.  For me it was setting a date to speak to a small audience about my book.  The second date was the date my book would be printed.  I put the dates on my website to add to my pressure, because I didn’t want my website to not have good dates on it.

6) Accept that everyone will not understand your mission – I had a hard time with this initially because I wanted everyone to embrace my idea.  I learned very quickly that you won’t get a 100% consensus on your idea.  In some case you simply have to say “I can see that this opportunity is not for you, if you know someone else who may be interested in my idea would you send them to my website to learn more”.

7) Don’t buy business cards initially – Now some people will disagree with this philosophy but it’s OK to disagree.  I believe that when you initially launch an idea, you shouldn’t get business cards.  WHY?  Not having a business card forces you to explain what you’re doing.  This is a good practice to help you refine your “Elevator pitch”.  The Elevator pitch is your 30 second summary of your idea or business.  The other thing not having cards makes you do is find a way to gather the persons contact information.  Last, after you have their information, you can send them a nice email or note about your business.  For some reason hand written notes STICK in people’s minds, especially if the note is nice.

8th step is on you… Don’t make a Resolution, make a Revolution.  What will you do different?

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REMEMBER: Biblically SEVEN is the number of completion, and EIGHT is the number of new beginnings.