The worst mistake to make in life is to continue doing the same things over and over and expect a different result! Some people define this as INSANITY! Are you driving yourself crazy trying to figure out how to change your financial situation? The key word is CHANGE! Have you ever sat down to look at where you spend your money? You spend your money on the things you love. Whether you want to admit it or not, you will find a way to spend money on bad habits, bad people, or things that just make you feel good for the moment. You know what, it’s OK. Yes, I said it’s OK. You tend to spend more on these things because of the guilt you feel when you spend that money… That’s why wives hide clothes in the trunk (with the receipt attached) and husbands keep extra credit cards for “HIS FUN” items (Whatever that means). Here are 7 things you can do to give yourself a financial boost.

Give Your Bills a Check Up

1) Review all your monthly bills and make sure you are getting the BEST rate for anything you pay on a reoccurring monthly basis (Cell phone, electricity, gym membership, insurance). Occasionally your provider will offer rebates or specials that they don’t post. I was able to get two new free cell phones this way, and I lowered the cost of my minute plan. The other thing you can do is see if they have a vacation program. I noticed I wasn’t using my WIFI card as much, so I went to my provider and put it on vacation… This lowered my rate 30 dollars a month. Also, it’s ok to switch insurance and electricity providers. I know, you don’t want to go through the hassle. I get it! You would rather pay more money and make someone else richer while you struggle. Does that make sense to you?

Pay It Forward

2) Pay extra money on the principal balance of your mortgage. This will lower your monthly payment. Now if you need a high tax deduction, you should consider if this is the best decision for you. Always ask a tax professional. I’m hosting a tax tele-seminar Jan 19th 2010, to help you identify ways to KEEP more of your hard earned money (we will be on the phone with a tax expert to learn key things to save you money). Email me if you want to participate. You can reach me at

The Network Paycheck

3) Use your network to make more money. HUH? If you’re a social butterfly, then FLY! Lead your network of friends to a group of products that will improve their life. I spent so much time at this one internet coffee shop while I was writing my book that the manager gave me coupons to give my friends. So, I started inviting them to lunch at his shop… He instantly drew an audience, and I received passes that helped me close more deals. Remember, the wealthy don’t pay for every meal because restaurant owners want them to show up at their location…it attracts more people. You in turn save money on buying others lunch to listen to you 🙂

The New Happy Hour

4) This is going to hurt some of you, but instead of spending every Friday in a bar. Cut it in half. Go every other Friday…Or don’t go at all! Your purpose for going out for drinks is to relax (OK and meet females), but what if you traded the cocktails for barbells. I started going to the gym during happy hour. I got a different type of 6-pack out of this idea. Also, try YOGA or a Massage. I like to get a 2 hour massage on Friday. It’s the best way to start your weekend.

Group Think

5) If you have a group of friends you trust and love to eat with, take turns making a meal. Keep it simple, but help each other out…Also, shop together and split the groceries… My family and 4 other families take a Saturday/Sunday to go to a wholesale food club. We buy in bulk then split the package. If you have a really big heart, you can split your package and give a portion to a friend that is not in your circle. We call this a friendly food basket!

Learn How to Make More Money

6) I’m offering a workshop called “Unlocking your 6 figure mind”. In this workshop, you learn different ways to increase your income. You also learn how to create a plan of action that will help you start your own income system. Your company may be a great place to work, but their mission is to increase revenue and control cost. In other words, you probably won’t get paid exactly what you’re worth. The 6 figure mind workshop was created to teach you how to unlock your thoughts about money and help you develop ideas you can pursue on your own (Like writing a blog that helps people increase their income).  My family used to tease me because I was always in school.  Now they come to me for information and ideas.  I’m not saying school is the answer, but I believe tapping into the RIGHT knowledge (information) is powerful!  SO, the suggestion here is to take a class/workshop/podcast…. that will help you earn more money.

A Cash Car Is King

7) Sell your leased automobile and get a cash car. I know you love the smell of the leather in your amazing car, but you could be paying way too much money for a car. Every dollar you save monthly on a depreciable asset (like a car) you can invest in an appreciating asset (like a book, franchise, real estate, investments). Appreciating assets can create new income streams (If you buy the right type) and this will increase your income.

8 Is the Number of New Beginnings

8 – Number eight is up to you. If you need help, ask for it! Don’t accept your current situation. There are ideas and answers within your reach. You just have to ask the right questions.

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“Buy the book, Listen to the tele-seminars, Go to the workshops, Learn to Network more effectively, Transform your life”

Wil Murphy