Financial Freedom Friday – It’s November 22nd, what can we do to change our life?


Financial freedom requires you to change your habits

Break the habit of trying to impress the wrong people. Best dressed, nicest car, biggest house, buying un-necessary bragging rights .. All these things keep you from saving and using your money to make more money.


Spend more money on Assets that appreciate in value or provide you with additional money/income. I once knew a top executive that drove her college Pontiac Grand Am her entire corporate career.  She retired early and had the money to invest in a multi-million dollar business.

Example: Here are some things that individuals I coach are doing: Someone I’m coaching just built and launched a website to sell jewelry.  Another person built a website to sell cars. Another person bought a house for $40,000.  They spent $20,000 to fix it up.  The mortgage is $400 a month and they rent it for $800.


Do you want to get your life together?

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