IMG_20170213_040827_784Before we start I want you to do something.

Take a deep breath and repeat after me. Each time you repeat it say it with more conviction

I deserve a better life
I deserve a better life
I deserve a better life

To have a better life, I must change
To have a better life, I must change
To have a better life, I must change

Now close your eyes for a second and just imagine yourself doing something you really want to do. For 30 seconds I want you to mental envision yourself and see a clear picture. Think about what you are wearing, think about where you are, think about who is with you, think about what you are doing.

Now take a snapshot of what you see. Remember what you see. Make the colors you see more vivid in your mind

Today we are going to talk about a small word that is big enough to crush dreams and that word is FEAR

A lot of people use the following acronym for the word FEAR


Why are we talking about this subject today? In January, many of you identified and wrote down your goals and things you want to accomplish in 2017. The reason why most people don’t accomplish their goals is they get stuck in the first weeks of working on their goals. Identifying your goals requires you to be transparent. This is a vulnerable feeling. You begin to question your ability. Most people who don’t finish face one of four things:

1) A past experience that didn’t work out, that makes you hesitant about finishing what you start

2) You fall out of your routine because you lack the discipline to be consistent or jump back on track

3) You don’t have a clear vision about what you want to do, so you can’t figure out why you need to be consistent and keep going

4) You let friends that lack discipline talk you out of being focused.

I have a former friend that I had to stop hanging out with because they would negatively talk me out of following my dreams.

Here is an example of what they would do:

I work out at 5am at least 5 days a week. When I mentioned anything about training this person would say, ” I don’t know why you’re working so hard, it’s not like you’re competing.”

I am always competing.
I compete with MYSELF.
I raise my own standards, so I can get better.
Negative talkers get in your head and create doubts.

“Courage is not the absence of fear; it is control of fear, mastery of fear.”MARK TWAIN

Let’s talk about FEAR

Most of your life obstacles start and end with your fear. Why?

There are three things I want you to remember about fear:

1) Everyone is afraid of something.

The difference between highly successful people and others is their ability to manage fear. No they are not completely fearless, but they manage their fears well enough for them not to be an obstacle. Fear is a learned behavior. You know what that means? You can unlearn your fears.

Stop and write 3 things you are afraid of

2) You must take the time to identify your fears.

You can’t fix what you can’t identify, so you must identify your fears.

The best way to do this is to write them down. Just ask yourself a simple question, “What am I afraid of?” Then begin to write whatever comes to mind. If you don’t like to write, hit the record button on your phone and make a video. My point is, you must do something to identify the problem. Most people don’t like to admit they are afraid of something. Why? Most people can’t be transparent. They are afraid to admit that they need help.
We all need help with something.

If you truly want to get better.
If you truly want to see yourself in a better place.

You must stop and figure out what is creating a roadblock between you and the many things you want to do in life.

3)The only way to overcome your fear is to confront it daily

When it comes to your fears, most of you quit before you start. Many of us accept our fear as something that can’t be fixed. As I mentioned in point number one, fear is a learned behavior. This means you can teach yourself to overcome most of your fears. The way to do this is to confront your fear

Do you want to have an amazing life?

Do you want to see yourself doing things you never thought you could do?

Make a decision to make 2017 your year to be FEARLESS.


Create a FEAR strategy

Look at your goals and ask:

What could stop me from achieving my goals?

Make a list of things that could get in your way.

Now take the list of FEARS you created earlier and ask yourself,
What can I do everyday to eliminate my fears?

To get rid of your FEARS, you must build up your COURAGE. You must Unlearn the FEAR. You need daily, weekly, monthly action steps.

Is there something you can do daily to confront your FEAR?

Add those action steps to your daily routine. If you can, work on it at the same time everyday until it becomes a routine.

This is how you overcome your fear, YOU WORK on it!
You training yourself to think differently and you will soon see that the things you FEAR today, you no longer FEAR anymore.