Entrepreneurs! People with great ideas! Don’t be discouraged.  You planned to sell out of your product day one. You thought the phones would ring off the hook because YOU are in business.  You want everyone to comment on your blog because YOU wrote the commentary.  Everything you offer is amazing, but you can’t figure out why they don’t see the value in what you are offering.  Here is the answer to all your thoughts:

1) DO YOU!  Put your best energy into what you are doing and don’t stop! You can’t base your good work on the reactions you receive today.  30% of the people you talk to will get it and take some action.  70% are going to wait until someone else does well.  Most of what you are doing is to help people many years in the future.  I know, you want money and recognition TODAY! Don’t Worry, you’re laying the ground work.  Ask God for PROVISION to fill the gap between your goal and the money you will make in the future.

2) Give them 3 reasons to buy from you!

      A) No one else is offering what you are delivering

      B) You brought your product to them because you value their buying decisions and you want them to buy from YOU

      C) When they sell something, you will be buying from them… Sow Seeds to harvest Fruit!

ABC is as easy as 123

3) How is your line of communication?  Are you sure people know what you are selling?  Ask 25 people if they know what you’re offering… If they didn’t know, they do now

4) Turn on your A game. Sell something that sells something that sells something. You’ll have to attend one of my workshops to get that one

5) Play THE PRICE IS RIGHT! If you sell 1 product at $1million dollars  or 1 million products at $1 …either way you make $1million dollars.. Most people have a $1 in their pocket, not $1M.  Make sure THE PRICE IS RIGHT!

6) Swollow your EGO! You know if your product is bad.. Don’t try selling it!  Don’t waste time on the dud.  Move to the next thing. Life is an internship. Learn the lesson and move to the next class

7) It’s simple! No need to mope. GO SELL SOMETHING!  The time you spend licking your wounds, you could be selling something.  Know your customers names, send them thank you notes and ask them to tell you the name of a few friends (preferrably 3) that they can recommend you talk to next… OH yeah, pay for the referral.

8 – You tell me what 8 is… It’s your new beginning..What will you do?

I want 1,000,000 people reading my books and following my ideas.  So, pass my blog to someone you know.  Tell them that Wil Murphy plans to speak in 50 states in 2010 and their city will bring me one state closer to all my goals.. More importantly, THEY will definitely benefit from what I’m offering.