My website is built on the foundation bible scripture Romans 12:2, Transformation by the renewing of your mind.  I blog often about getting up and getting things done, but today, I just want to talk to YOU.

It’s hard to get yourself motivated when your family and your environment don’t support what you’re doing.  It’s even harder when they think they’re supporting you by telling you all the wrong things (because that’s what they were taught).  Sometime you just grow up in a family that doesn’t handle pressure and problems very well.  I grew up in a family that didn’t discuss problems.  Ok, let me frame this up for you.  My parents would wait until they couldn’t take it anymore before a problem surfaced in a discussion.  Also, they medicated their problems without realizing what they were doing.  I spent my childhood trying to figure out how not to be embarrassed (Because medicated problems always create embarrassing moments); deciding if the advice I was receiving was really the right answer (advice from friends and family); and watching successful people implode.   Most of the successful people I watched were community leaders and friends of the family.  I thought they were successful!  They had nice cars, nice houses, and never seemed to struggle.  Over and over, I noticed that their success seemed to hit a wall.  A period when they would stop acquiring things, and then their lives began to slide downhill. 

IMPLOSION!  Sort of like the many people who keep getting caught having affairs.  Are they really getting caught, or are we just noticing the symptoms to a bigger problem?

How Do You Handle Your Problems?

Do you take it out on other people around you?

Do you take advice from people you know shouldn’t be giving you advice?

Do you open up and tell other s what’s bothering you?

Do you hide your problems, because you don’t want to hurt someone else’s feelings?

This may come as a shock to you, but there is someone facing the exact same problem you have today.  There is someone who needs to hear your story, so that they can change their path.   Can you be REAL?  Real enough to show that all is not perfect in your world. 

When something is wrong do you look at the problem or the symptoms? 

Drinking, Irresponsible spending and other behaviors are not really the problem.  They are the symptoms to a problem that needs to be uncovered.

A few years ago I looked at myself and I said, “If I ever want to have a family, something has to change.” 

How do you know when something needs to change? 

You’ve heard this saying a million times, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.”  Let’s just say I kept seeing the same results.  My family was the same way.

The funny thing about my family that never discussed anything is we annually had the same HUGE fight!  This discussion always led to shouting (and some years screaming).  I realized there was a pattern, but I was too young to solve the problem. 

Do you see yourself faced with the same problem over and over?  Or do you feel like you always have problems? 

Let me clear the air for you and let you know, YOU will always have problems!  It’s the nature of success!  How you handle your problems is the key!  Don’t run and hide or have BIG pity parties.  How do you get OUT when you don’t feel like your environment works for you?  Unfortunately there are a million answers to that question.  I suggest one thing.  I suggest you TRY!  Try to do something different!  If all you do is say, “when this happens, I’m not going to react the way I always have in the past”.  This is your first step on the road to doing something different.  Most of my discussions have 7 steps and in the 8th step you create a new beginning.  My 7 steps to changing my life easily equate into one, Transformation by the Renewing of MY mind.  Make yourself a promise after you finish reading this blog.  Promise you will stop and change ONE thing about yourself before the end of 2009.  I don’t care what it is, but drop something from your life.  Get the support you need to make it happen! 

Don’t procrastinate!

Set your alarm, and when it rings make a change!

Wil Murphy

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