Day 8 – 12 Do Something: You Never know what incredible rewards are waiting for you simply because you “Did something”

To all my followers, I apologize for leaving you hanging for a few days. This week has been a world win of events. 

Let’s be real!

Some of you are complete procrastinators! It’s ok, we all have a little of this “NATION” in us. However, the next time you blow off the opportunity to do something, stop for a moment and ask yourself a question. “Could this be part of a blessing I have been waiting for?”

Listen to Your Inner Voice

A month ago I was debating whether I should attend an event. It was a happy hour and I didn’t want to get there and not meet anyone new. I didn’t listen to myself; I listened to my inner voice. It’s that thing that makes you feel like your second guessing yourself. My inner voice was saying. Put 10 books in an envelope and carry them with you. When you have passed out all of these books, then it is time to go home. First, I don’t believe in giving away my work, but you have to pass marketing copies to influencers and top leaders. Well, the funny thing is I got paid for each book. Not only did I get paid for each book, one leader immediately embraced my vision. He made sure every leader in his organization received a copy. A week later he sent me a text asking me to speak to a small group of people. My initial thought was to say NO. However, I made a covenant with GOD while writing the book. I told him, “Lord I will speak to anyone you desire, whether it’s a crowd of ONE or ONE Million”. It was my promise. As crazy as it may sound I have had an engagement where 300 people were supposed to show, but only ONE person arrived (and arrived early). In line with my covenant, I spent two hours giving my entire speech to ONE person. She loved it! She was so inspired. Anyway, back to the original story. I accepted the engagement. One month later it’s a week before the event. The event has been communicated to multiple organizations and the room will host WAY more than 40 people. A press release was sent this week, and proud members of the groups are sending me notes that say, “I CAN’T wait to hear you speak”. Well, next Thursday is the day. Just to let you know, Conventional Wisdom is dead. I’m about to clear the air on why the majority of the wealth in this country is in the hands of 3% of the population. The other 97% is making the 3% Rich. This message is going to show everyone why they need to DO something.

The Moral of the Story

So, the moral of this story is DO SOMETHING, listen to your inner voice and not your EGO. Your inner voice is aligned with God’s desires. Your EGO, well you get the picture.