Today was Different

Most days I wake up at 6am and start working.  Today I woke up at 6am for a different purpose.  Today I celebrated the homegoing of my aunt.  It was really hard, because she was such a good person.  She helped SO many people that it was hard for people to be sad.  In her lifetime, she didn’t make millions of dollars, but she made some mean Hot water cornbread.  She was also an expert at making pancakes.  When I was a young child she taught me how to make my bed.  She used her time in life to do what she loved most.  She helped others. 

Don’t Waste Time

Don’t spend your life doing something you hate.  Turn the page and find a way to align everything you want from life.  The freedom that comes from using your gifts is amazing.   Next week I’m going to help you discover your GIFTS. 

Day 6 Exercise – Pay closer attention to how you spend your time.  In order to get what you want out of life, you will have to spend more time working on the things you want in life.  Pay closer attention to your time and see where you spend the majority of your time.  This is either your passion, or your achilles heel (achilles heel is the thing that keeps you stuck in life, and keeps you going in circles).

Tomorrow is Sunday, and we will rest.  I’ll give you Sunday to work on the things you missed during the week.

This posted is dedicated to Ruby Hicks McDaniel our family matriarch.  She dedicated her life to helping others and because of her, many of us are much better people.