Interview Yourself

Today’s exercise is quick, but not necessarily EASY!  Make a list of questions, 25 to 30.  Then stand in the mirror and interview yourself.  Next, ask someone close to you to interview you using the same questions.  

  • Five of the questions must relate to family and your relationship with specific family members
  • Five must relate to how you plan to achieve your success (ie.. I’m going to open up a hotdog stand in brooklyn.)
  • Five must talk about what you want to do after you have accomplished your goals
  • Five must talk about your values and beliefs in life
  • The last five are on you, but they must be about things that will tell your story (What is your story?  What obstacles did you have that stood in your way? How did you overcome them)

When I was 17, I did this for the first time.  I interviewed myself.  I then pretended i was live on national tv interviewing with a little known talk show host name Oprah Winfrey.

The best part – I want you to videotape the interview (doesn’t have to be good quality).  Then play it back for yourself