We all have something we do in our lives that is 2nd nature, but not necessarily good. Some people curse, overeat; use illegal drugs; shop too often; some of you are in an abusive relationship; some of you are addicted to a married man/woman. The list can go on and on.

Why do we carry this burden with us every day? Why can’t we let go of the things that are blocking us from growing?

Some of us have not taken enough time to sit down and accept that we have a problem. How do you do that? You have to take a look at your life and be real honest about what you want in life. Then ask yourself, “Why don’t I have the things I want?” In many cases you will find your time and money is being spent on what I call “FILLERS”. Fillers are things that temporarily fill you up, but don’t ultimately help you or get you to your goal. Do you have some fillers? Some people drink as a filler. I’m not saying you shouldn’t drink. However, if this is your way of disconnecting from a problem then maybe drinking is preventing you from solving the problem. Some of you may not even realize that the way you’re avoiding solving problems is by “Being BUSY”. Sure, being busy takes the problem off of your mind, but it doesn’t help you solve the problem. Stop BEING BUSY and GET BUSY!

The word addiction has been made to be negative, but it simply means you engage in something often. Are you engaging in things daily that will help you achieve your goals?

Here is a fast way to change your life!

Sit down and figure out what you want out of the rest of your life, then get ADDICTED to fulfilling your vision.

If you want to travel the world, then give up your COFFEE, smoking or some other habit. Remember for everything you give up, you create room to receive something new. Think of it like this, if your hands are full, then how can you receive something new? Spend the rest of your days building up a routine of things that put you on track.

YES, YOU can do the things YOU want to do in life, but YOU first have to TRY to achieve those things. It’s NEVER too late to DREAM. It’s never too late to DO SOMETHING! How bad do you want it? I gave up EVERYTHING (Houses, Wife, Job, Friendships, Girlfriends,…) to get my life on track, and now this train is going to take me home. You should find your train and get on it before it leaves the station.

WHY? Because you’re running out of TIME!

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