By now many of you know that my daughter will be here in a matter of weeks. Yes, my first child!  When we were considering names, I wondered for days what would be an appropriate name for this little woman I have been waiting for more than half of my life.  The name Zoe Milan came to me.  I thought it was different.  It had a unique ring to it.  I looked up the name Zoe and it meant “Life”  I thought that was fitting because, she would be a new life.  So we chose the name and didn’t look back.  This past weekend we decided to look up Milan just for fun.  Zoe Milan.  It means “life coming together”.  To me God spoke louder than ever to me about my life.  So in a few short weeks, “Life will come together”.  Are you ready for your life to COME TOGETHER?  What are you going to do to make this happen?  All I did was listen, be FAITHFUL, and live through my GIFTS.  What amazing thing will happen in your life because you decide to listen, be faithful, and use your gifts?

Wil Murphy