Last night at 10 pm, I was standing in front of a Green wall talking to a camera.  I had to talk to the camera as if there were 1 million people in front of me.  One of the camera people said to me during the break “Did you memorize all of this stuff, because you’re speaking to the camera as if you were in front of millions of people?”  I looked at him and said, ” I think I have been preparing for this all of my life”.  My words were as fluid as my thoughts. After two hours, I was finally at the end.  I walked out of the studio numb. As I got into my car, I looked around and realized that I’M IN A NEW PLACE!  Do you want to be in a new place?  All month I have been pushing you to get out of that little comfortable box you live in day to day.  I can preach, write, and push.  At the end of the day, it’s really up to you now.  It’s day 24.  Time is running out.  Are you going to CHANGE? Whatever it is you’re waiting on, let it go!  Start moving in the direction that will help you be fulfilled and full of joy everyday. You can do it! You never know what you may find when you open up your box and step outside.

Wil Murphy