Day 2: You Can’t Solve the Problem Until You Identify

What It Is Take out a blank sheet of paper (preferably without lines). On that sheet of paper write down ALL of your current challenges. Don’t write with any order! Write all over the page. Upside down! Left, Right! Create a piece of Art with your problems. Make it a picture, because it will symbolize something important. It represents all the things you’re about to breakthrough. The Breakthrough!

Dr. Breakthrough

One of my mentors is a Third Degree Black Belt. He is in the martial arts hall of fame. He is also an amazing speaker. We were at a function recently, and he was in the middle of an amazing presentation. He then turned everyone’s attention to a stack of ten, three inch bricks. He had written different problems on them. The problems written on the bricks were issues shared by everyone in the room. He said”Do you agree these things are limiting your ability to accomplish your goals?” Everyone in the room shouted “YES!” He then said, “It’s time for a Breakthrough!” Suddenly, he shouted with a loud Akia, and then fired his hand through the bricks. Everyone cringed as his hand and arm broke each brick. Then everyone started screaming in amazement. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could resolve all of our problems with one loud AKIA and the breaking of bricks. Maybe we can.

Seeing Through Your Problems; Seeing to your Destiny

You see once you have a vision, it will be obvious to you where you want to go in life, but the same God that allowed you to have that vision also allows obstacles to get in the way of your vision. Suddenly what was once clear is now blocked by problems. Even worse, he lets you face different problems OVER and OVER. It’s like driving behind an eighteen wheeler you want to pass. You can get glimpses of what’s ahead, but until that truck is out of your way, you have to wait to get where you’re going. What’s blocking your vision? Like my mentor, I’m going to teach you to breakthrough your problems and get closer to living your dreams. You first have to be bold enough to admit you have problems and be willing to reveal them. It all starts with you.

Wil Murphy

Author of  The Wealth Code

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