Things that Successful Men Love About Women They Date

Several female friends have mentioned that this year they want to meet someone nice, so I asked men what they like about the women they date. Here is what they said

) She shows her confidence without being condescending.

) Intelligent, well read, intellectual, and able to hold a stimulating conversation without taking over the room.

) She is a great listener.

) She is affectionate but not clingy.

) Her girlfriends advise her well without getting caught in the middle.

) Social grace – At social events she elevates us as a couple. People want you at their events and parties because they love her.

) Career balance – In control of her career not controlled by her career. Her career doesn’t define her, but is simply a place to use her gifts.

) She makes good decisions.

) Can agree to disagree without escalating a bad discussion into an argument.

) She is clear in her identity. She doesn’t think she is someone that she is not.

) Sex appeal – Can select things to wear that enhance her beauty without over exposing her assets. Perfect fit, smells incredible, stunning when she enters a room.

) Let’s me know she doesn’t feel well or is in a bad mood without taking it out on others.

) Uses words to lift people up not tear them down. If she tells you off it feels like you just heard a message of encouragement.

) Treats little girls like angels and is kind, patient and loving to kids.

) Understands and wants to learn more about money.

) She respects herself enough to know when to walk away from bad people. Friends, boyfriends, jobs, family.

) Is a dreamer and can see herself doing things that are positive.

) May not be a good cook, but knows what good food tastes like.

) Takes care of her body.

) Has a clean and somewhat organized house.

) Is constantly improving herself.

) Is ok with asking me for help

Goes to church but doesn’t thump a bible or make people feel bad about their religious beliefs. Shares her spiritual knowledge with others.

) Knows me physically and understands my needs. Is good at talking about sex without being uncomfortable.

What do you think?

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