Stop at 7 & Begin with 8

The world around you may appear to be sinking, but don’t you dare participate.  Here is the first thing you have to do when everything around you seems out of control…Don’t look around!  YES, I said it! Lazer focus is so important right NOW.  As crazy as it may sound, what seems like bad news may be your greatest opportunity.  Why? Is it easy to change when things are good? NO! It’s when your belt gets tight and the air gets thin…that’s when you start to transform.  You don’t have time to participate in the news… The news everyday is you moving to the next level.. Check the weather before you go to bed… then go to bed.  Turn off the amphitheater of information blaring at you and making you feel like you have no options.  Cut down the influencers of the old you, so you can see the characteristics of the new you.

Lazer focus:

1) List all of the things you want to do in great detail…travel, business, friendships, health whatever

2) Post it in your home where it can be your daily expression and reminder

3) Minimize your distractions – There are people around you who are sucking away all of your air. Don’t share your air with them.. Fire your friends that don’t fit!  Promote people who are in alignment with you.

4) Expect more NO’s.  No does not mean there is something wrong with YOU! No means this is not the opportunity you this job or activity is getting out of your way to let the good things knock at your door.

5)  Enjoy this time…Don’t spend your days thinking about what is not happening in your life… Spend your time on the prowl.. Looking for fun and opportunities…They say you get what you look for!  What are you looking for?  Look for fun and opportunities.

6) Accept your assignment.  You may not believe this, but everything you have experienced was to prepare you for TODAY! You are on an assignment!  Once you accept it, you will begin to see how your GIFTS will help you overcome the task involved in your assignment…this includes: cars that breakdown, sick kids, high gas cost, and days when you are just plain BROKE.  Things that other people see as obstacles, you look at them as mere bumps on the course.  You have to master, (LET ME REPEAT THIS) You have to master the FEW before you can master the MANY.  In other words, your success is not going to bring you less problems… so you need to take this time to learn to manage a greater number of problems…

7) Find something to be excited about…a noun “Person, Place, or Thing”.  Get excited about something and ride that wave of energy and fun… It will open doors for you that you never knew existed. 

We stop at 7 suggestions because bibilically 7 is the number of completion… 8 is the number of new beginnings… Write down your own number 8. 

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Wil Murphy