Coaching steps

In this discussion we’re not going to talk about all the things we’re not doing. This pact is to open our eyes to all the things we want to do. Huh? That’s right.

We’re going to sit down and define our mission. Here is what I want you to do:

1) Write down 200 goals you want to accomplish. YES, I said 200. Write down the little things and the big things. Most important, write them down. Are you thinking “It’s going to be hard to come up with 200 goals”. Look, it’s hard waking up everyday thinking you need to change something about your life. You owe it to yourself to live a life that is more fulfilling. Let’s write down 200 goals.

2) Share this list with your spouse or best friend. Have your spouse engage in the same exercise. Encourage your best friend to try it, because our team needs to have a large group of people who are on the same page

3) Prioritize the list: Prioritize your list into sections

  • Immediate action items
  • Items that you want to accomplish, but must follow another important action (for example: You have to get a degree before you can start a career in a profession)
  • Items that one day you want to accomplish, but you’re not sure how you will get there

4) How many of the things on your list require a change in habits? Place a check next to these items

5) How many of the things on your list require a change in your financial position? You need to make more money in order for them to occur. Place a $ sign next to them

6) Next find a visible and easy to access location in your house or apartment to store these goals. Look at them every Saturday morning for a few minutes. Congratulate yourself on WINS, and schedule things you didn’t accomplish.

7) Take actions that you can consider quick WINS: Go back to your immediate action section and place a + sign next to the items you want to accomplish in the next 60 days.

8 – It’s a new beginning. You just defined it. Stick to it and get help on anything that takes longer than 30 days to accomplish. By now you realize you need help, but haven’t asked for it. Don’t ask for it! Demand it! Demand a change in your life! Demand help from someone who can help you move forward!