In our dual roles in life, we often find ourselves with a full calendar. A full calendar to some people, is a sign of success. A full calendar means you’re in demand. A full calendar gives you a place to be, and a time to be there. A full calendar is only as good as the appointments you have on that calendar. If a full calendar is filled with fluff, puffery, things of no value.. The end result will be more fluff, puffery, and things of no value in your life. In order for your life to be more meaningful, you have to align your calendar with things that give you more meaning. One way to do this is to map out a designated time for you to STOP EVERYTHING, and be open to whatever comes your way.

Use that designated time everyday to open your mind. Use that time to open your heart. Use that time to open your hands. Closed hands can’t receive gifts. Closed hearts can’t receive blessings. Closed minds can’t receive inspiration. “WIL, I DON’T HAVE TIME”. Wake up a little earlier and Go to bed a little later. IF YOU RECEIVE this idea, it will start a process in your life for you to go to bed WONDERING but wake up KNOWING. I’m often awakened in the middle of the night with the solution to things that are heavy on my heart. This is the result of clearing my calendar, and making space for answers. Remember, open hands can receive. The same is true for open minds. Clear Your Calendar! You need time to think. This message was inspired by Romans 12:2 Transformation by the Renewing of Your Mind.