If you declared something as a new years resolution, then this is your 4th/5th week of working on something new. A year ago I decided that i needed a 6 pack (no not beer).  I ventured out on this gym and eating transition to get to a set of scuplted abs.  I read books that said, “You can get sculpted abs in 6 weeks”.  Another article said 4 weeks.  I have always been able to rip up my arms in chest almost overnight, but this ab thing was a mystery to me. 

6 Weeks Later

6 weeks later I realized that no matter how hard I worked, this was not a six week opportunity. However, I started learning how important this area of my body was to everything else. This area is called the core. Physically it is almost as important as your brain. Your abs sit next to every major organ.

2 Months Later

My stomach was flat as a pancake, but no six pack.  I was training 5 days a week for two hours and still no 6 pack

4 Months Later

I felt better than ever and my first 2 pack showed up.  The 2 pack is an insult, because it looks funny.  I was challenged, but I had to keep trying.  I also dropped a few things from my diet.

6 Months Later

It arrived.  Sort of. I had a solid four pack and a lower ab area that looked like it was trying to take shape

8 Months Later

I was ready to quit.  The workout was too hard and I was getting burned out.  One day a trainer came over to me and he said.  “You’re so dedicated! I really admire the way you get in here and knock out your workouts.  I tell my clients about you.  If you’re here while I’m training one, I point you out.  Keep up the good work!”

Why You Need to Hang In There

This thing that you’re changing is not just for you, someone else is watching you that needs to see someone that is a little more couragious than them.  Although at times it may feel like you have no support or that your decision wasn’t wise.  Just hold on, others will figure out that they need to follow you.  You just have to have the courage to LEAD!

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