Provision is your pay check until you get paid!

Today, i see my business moving forward!  The phone is ringing.  People are emailing me.  There are projects waiting for me to start.  Two months ago  I wanted to QUIT!  Well, ok.. I had a bad week and I asked myself, “Is this worth it?”  Why don’t I make my life less complex and do something else?  Was my life really complex? NO! Were my expectations really high? YES!  So here is what I did.  It was a moment I will never forget. 

I stopped what I was doing, I turned off everything in the house and office.  I closed my eyes and I sat for about 5 minutes and just listened to sounds.  I sat there!! I was frustrated and mad!  How could God get me so excited about my vision, but make every step SO hard!

I started thinking about my past.  Relationships, failures, setbacks… I was getting more and more frustrated.  Tears started to well up in my eyes….Suddenly, I shouted STOP!…. STOP!….STOP!… This is not what I signed up for…. This is not the life I plan to lead.  I said, “Lord I have spent money, I have cried, I have lost sleep, and this is not what I signed up for!  Right now, I need something to fill the gap between where I am today and this AMAZING goal that I have in my heart.”  As I opened my eyes a txt message came through on my phone..Matthew 25:23 ‘Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things… Could it have been a coincidence?  It was followed by a message that said Don’t let your vision cloud your way.  What you see is not what you are… It is only a step on a path.  Provision will cover you until you have the means to do what you need to do… 

Today I realized that everything I needed to get to this point was here the entire time. I was too busy looking with my EYE sight for answers and not my HEART – VISION – SPIRIT… too busy using my EYE sight to navigate what was instinct… Staring at resources and not using them because the package was not dressed the way I thought it should be… SO today I want you to DO THIS:

1) Stop!  Close your eyes and be candidly honest about where you are right now!

2) IF where you are right now is NOT what you signed up for, then let it be known

3) Stop using your eye sight to lead you and give your HEART-VISION-SPIRIT a chance to lead

4) Look at life through a new set of eyes

5) Accept that everything you did before today was part of your steps being ordered to lead you here

6) Be proud of your hard work!  Don’t be angry because you work hard! Know that you are sowing seeds on a path

7) Provision:  All these little things keep happening in your life to help you along this path.. You can’t explain it, but it keeps happening unexpectedly… EXPECT IT!  Provision is your pay check until you get paid!

8 – You tell me what 8 is for you!  What are you going to do differently this week that will make you feel great!  Put you in a new place or start you on a new path… Tell me, I want to know!

Transformation by the Renewing of Your Mind!

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