For just a moment, I want you to stop and think about something.  Isn’t it funny that we spend a lot of our time focusing on our problems and things that are not working in our lives?  It gets worse. When you turn on your TV, all the stories are about something wrong (or something that doesn’t work).  Also, have you ever received an email that was really positive, but when you got to the end it was a chain email (This is a way to kill positive thoughts by keeping you from spreading them). We have a fascination with things that are wrong or don’t work properly.  Think about it, we find ourselves glued to a TV, computer screen, or radio listening to stories about death, infidelity, and other things that don’t work.  Our minds have this fascination with fixing things that don’t work.

I believe we all live in a bit of fear about life.  This same fear keeps you from pursuing things you know in your heart you can do well.  We have a fascination with the negative because negative things have something that needs to be fixed.  We spend our time trying to reason and think about why this negative thing didn’t work.  The funny thing is we spend so little time on positive things.  Why?  Because our minds lead us to believe positive things are complete.  If it’s positive, then it doesn’t need fixing.  This is one of the reasons why we are so shocked when the “Perfect person” or the “Perfect couple” has a problem.  Notice how long a negative news story stays in the news a month, two months… we ride the wave of new developments in negative stories.. Why?  We want to solve the puzzle.  How often do we ride the wave of a positive story?  How often do we sit and analyze why a “perfect couple” is perfect.  Don’t get me wrong.  These stories exist, but we don’t focus on them as long.

Ok, what do you do to stop focusing on the negative?

  1. Talk to people who are positive – I have another cousin that calls me and we talk about all the great things that are happening in our lives.  If something negative has happened we discuss it too, but we spend more time on the good things than the bad.  People like this help you think more creatively.  The inspiration is like serum or medication.  It gets you pumped up and feeling good.
  2. Turn off sources of negative information – There is a show I used to watch daily, because it had the best celebrity gossip.  I suddenly realized that celebrity gossip was becoming a piece of my life.  I noticed that I was having conversations with my close friends about celebrities in great detail.  It was as if we knew the person up close and personal.  NOT!  This is the power of a great show.  It pulls you in and makes you live the life of the characters.  In this case we live the life of celebrities… and their gossip.  I’m not telling you to never watch these things I’m telling you to pay attention to how these things are affecting you.  If you notice you spend an enormous amount of time focused on gossip, then maybe you need to find a way to wean yourself off of these stories.
  3. Make yourself the one everyone else wants to discuss – I will make this one simple.  If you do positive things, then people will see positive things.  Everyone has dirt, but don’t spend time with your dirt.  Spend time cleaning up your dirt.  Then people will discuss how you changed your life…  Maybe you can write a book 🙂
  4. Trick  yourself out of negative thinking–  I believe that one negative thought will lead to a series of negative thoughts. SO DON’T GO THERE!  If you catch yourself starting to ride the wave of a negative set of thoughts, flip your mind into positive gear by stating a few positive things..Huh? Here is an example: You hear a story about job layoffs.  This leads you to think about people you know who have been laid off, this leads you to think about your job.  Scream “STOP!”  Then say out loud, “I can’t go down that road, I’m to blessed to be upset!”.  Then talk about some good things that are going on in your life.  Negative thinking can be a trigger for obsessive compulsive behavior (a condition that stems from over thinking a situation so long that it causes you spiral into a series of negative thoughts).  You have to talk yourself out of thoughts that make you over think the solution to a problem.
  5. Take 30 minutes a day and meditate on the positive –  In my week of craziness, I took about 30 minutes a day and just walked away from my work.  A couple of days I just jumped in my car and drove for 30 minutes.  I’ll tell you one of my secrets to life.  My cars always have great sound systems.  WHY?  So I can jump in the car and jam my way into some positive, high energy thoughts!
  6. Find some positive reinforcement – Buy a white board for your house that you can use to write down a positive thought for the week.  Go to church or do service work.  Have a friend send you a positive quote (not the chain letter quotes).  Write a blog about negative things, and give positive solutions J
  7. Right your vision for your life – When you work from a vision, you have a way of telling yourself and others… “This is not what I saw in my vision!”  This will help you focus on positive things, especially if you post your vision where you can see it every day.  This will remind you of your purpose.

He shall be like a tree
planted by the rivers of water,
that brings forth its fruit in its season.
         Whose leaf also shall not wither;
and whatever he does shall prosper.

            Psalms 1:3

Let’s take this a little further:

Your thoughts are like seeds

After they are planted, they grow into roots

Roots feed trees

Trees produce fruit based on how they are fed

Good thoughts will produce good fruit.

Good thoughts produce good results

8.  You know what I’m about to say! Eight is up to you.  What will you do to change the way you think

Seven is the biblical number of completion; eight is the number of new beginnings!

Everything you just read is a supplement of my book THE WEALTH CODE.  If you haven’t purchased a copy, then I encourage you to go buy one RIGHT NOW! It’s a book that will help you change the way you think about life.

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