I think it’s funny how we  set up things to make our life more convenient, and then simply don’t use the tools.  My phone is really a remote control.  From it I can do pretty much anything (write blogs, post videos, watch movies, send message, video conference). I recently broke my fear of shooting my own videos.  I have been setting up the tools and automating the process for close to two years now. However, everytime I sat in front of the camera I felt as if I wasn’t ready. Maybe I wasn’t.  This month I finally accepted that everything has been ready for quite some time…Everything but me… When I was a kid I learned to cut my own hair at the age of 13. After every haircut I would stand in the mirror and thank “Oprah for having me on her show” (I know I laugh every time I think of myself standing there with a fresh hair cut and a mirror in my hand).  The funny part is I would always get stuck in the middle of my story.  I could never get past the “WHAT”. “WHAT” I did for her to have me on the show.  Oprah, I’m ready when you are (Smile), Lifeclass is right up my alley. Break OUT, don’t stop yourself from finding your  “WHAT”.