Are YOU Networking w/ the Right People? Or do you find yourself at the same events with the same people?  When you leave the event, do you sit in your car wondering why you went? While you drive home does your mind race about all the things you could be doing if you had the right contacts.  Your next promotion/opportunity might be a phone call + text + FB + Tweet. Stop selling yourself short.  POWER NETWORK! Push yourself into a new social circle. Start with a charity event or business networking function (that you never attended before).  When you arrive, make it a MISSION to talk to at least 10 people.  Before you leave the event, send them an email or txt (This will blow their mind). I attended a networking event this week and won a book. As soon as the author handed me the book with his card in it, I grabbed my Blackberry and sent him a thank you note.  5 minutes later he walked over to me and said “You sent me a message already, that’s amazing!”  – The name of his book Winning Strategies “Secrets to Clinching Multimillion Dollar Deals”.  By the way, we’re meeting next week for lunch.