Are these 10 things realistic expectations for young professionals?


We’re flossy. We know how to have a good time. In short, we spend money. Here is the question, can we raise the bar on how we live?

10 things every young professional should have in place by age 30. What do you think?

1) By age 29, no less than $50,000 cash in the bank
2) At least one home with a value of around $100,000
3) First home should be paid off by age 30.
4) Should start contributing to retirement in your twenties, preferably when you start your first job at age 23.
5) All cars should be paid off within two years of purchase, and never lease for personal use.
6) Maximize salary opportunities and take the highest paying positions available
7) Invest in two side businesses (or part time jobs) that create additional streams of income
8) Loans to anyone must be paid back with interest and they must pay back loans with direct deposits from their check
9) All vacations and trips must be paid for before they are taken and you can’t spend more than you budget
10) Only one credit card with a limit no hire than 5% of your annual salary.

Is this list realistic? Why or why not? Leave a comment

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