Are you in a Ride or Die Relationship?

I found myself over the last two days engaging in some DEEP conversations about relationships. I suddenly realized that part of the reason the divorce rate is so high is we date at the surface level. You know you hook up because he/she is fine, he/she has it together (nice car, nice house, good job). Then many people enter marriages based on surface level connections. You get married because it sounds good. What does that mean? His title looks good with your title (lawyer and doctor; writer and beautician;dj and singer) or the idea of a wedding has been in your head all of your life. There is nothing wrong with any of this, but will it make you happy?

Are you looking for a guarantee that doesn’t exist?

We do the same thing in other relationships. We select companies for the benefits, nice office or salary. We select churches for the great sermon, the fine men/women that attend (yes, I know people who do it). We buy cars cause it’s the hot one to buy. So STOP for moment! None of these things come with a guarantee.  Are you putting your faith in the right things for the right reason?


Can you love someone simply for the way they love you?

Can you buy a car or house simply because the price gives you flexibility to do other positive things with your money?

Men, one day you may have to help that fine woman put on her shoes because she can’t see her feet. You may have to cook dinner because she needs to walk in the door and just fall on the couch (cause she is working and you’re not). Ladies, his 6 figure job @ the great company may go away. I know a guy who 2 yrs ago was making $500,000 a year and now he makes $50,000. He has a house & expensive cars he can’t sell.

In a clutch moment when nothing is working for you, can you look around at the people you spend money and time on (that’s friends, family, boy/girlfriends, husband/wife) and say “Ride or Die”. Prepare yourself, because this is the Ride or Die season.