A Six Figure Salary – Is there a secret formula to becoming a person that has a six figure income?

Is there a secret formula?

Believe that you are worth more than you currently make –

You must believe in yourself to be successful. Everyday you must remind yourself that your current circumstance is temporary. In the mean time, work hard to get what you want.

Lifestyle –

Make sure the work you do day to day is something you like because it will shape your lifestyle. Next week I’m going to tell you why I left my six figure job and suddenly changed several things about my life. I knew that I didn’t like key things about my lifestyle. Learn more next week.

Be known for working smart –

While working in corporate America, be the first and the last one to leave work. Top executives pay attention to who puts in the time. Let them see you in the hall as they walk to their office.

Raise your hand when they ask for project volunteers –

Volunteer for projects that are game changers for your company and your business.

The side hustle –

Accept this…few people get rich from the money they make in corporate America. Also, few people get rich from one stream of income. Find something you can do on the side to make money…several things…multiple streams of income.

Invest in your exit plan –

Invest in your side business long enough to build a great reputation.

Cash is King –

My side businesses were cash businesses. Passive income is nice, but money in your hand today is better.

NOW, let’s get REAL. Let’s look at things most people don’t do

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